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Angående Coronaviruset

28 FEB 2020 11:16
  • Skapad: 28 FEB 2020 11:16

Hej alla föreningar!

I veckan gick vi ut med information om DSF:s ställningstagande inför Coronaviruset. Nedan kan ni läsa texten vi la ut på hemsidan, sprid gärna det i era föreningar och ta hand om er!

The Swedish Dancesports Federation would like to inform all dancers and couples regarding the immediate recommended restrictions for international couples wishing to compete in Sweden and Swedish couples wishing to compete Internationally.

We are all following the development of the Corona virus around the world and during the last days the virus has hit several European countries. A couple of days ago in several cities in Italy and now as well Spain. We have to be very careful when we have participation from countries that are effected. We have been in contact with the health authority in Sweden to receive guidelines and they can only issue general recommendations. We all know and have experienced the consequences when someone carrying the virus is identified. People are isolated and put in quarantine. We can not take any risks in this situation and for that reason try to find ways to minimise the risk.

As a result of the health crisis which has arisen due to the Corona Virus epidemic the DSF has implemented the following recommendations that we would like to be perceived as restrictions.

1. We strongly recommend that no dancers/judges that is travelling from, training in or living in an area that has a Corona virus infection status shall compete/adjudicate at Swedish competitions untill the crisis is over .

2. No DSF dancers or judges will be sanctioned to compete or adjudicate at international competitions in areas where there are outbreaks of the Corona Virus..

In this case please follow the officiell information from different national authorities, like health authorities (Folkhälsomyndigheten) and government for foreign affairs.

3. The DSF recommends Swedish dancers and trainers to avoid travelling to practice or teach in areas where there are outbreaks of the Corona Virus.

The situation will develop and change rather quickly and we get new information all the time. This will be evaluated and we will update our recommendations over time.

We also, as always, recommend all dancers and people to stay at home if they have fever and feel bad. That is always the best way to avoid health complications.

Stockholm 26th of February 2020

Rolf Cassergren

Chairman DSF


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